Why will my dishwasher not turn on?

Why will my dishwasher not turn on?

Make sure your dishwasher is securely plugged in and that the circuit breaker switches haven’t been tripped. Make sure the child lock isn’t onSome dishwasher models will have a child lock feature to prevent the dishwasher from starting. Check your owner’s manual and make sure the child lock settings are turned off.

How do I reset my GE dishwasher control panel?

Simply unplug your dishwasher. Wait for one minute, then plug it back in again, to reset the dishwasher control panel.

How do I clear the error code on my GE dishwasher?

NOTE: Disconnecting power to the dishwasher for 30 seconds may clear the fault, error or function code. Unplug your dishwasher for 30 seconds to 5 minutes to try and reset the control board. This may clear the error and reset the dishwasher.

Can a power surge damage appliances?

Power surges can damage appliances and electronics that are plugged into your walls, and can sometimes damage your outlets or cause electrical fires. There are a few common ways that power surges can happen: An appliance blows a fuse, like a high powered AC unit, or even a hair dryer.