Why is my fridge not getting cold enough?

Why is my fridge not getting cold enough?

Vacuum the coils under or behind the fridge. Clogged coils can cause poor cooling. Check to make sure nothing is stuck in the condenser fan and that it spins freely (models with coils on the back won’t have a fan). Plug in the fridge and make sure the fan runs when the compressor is running.

Can cold weather affect a refrigerator?

Fridges cool food by moving heat outside. Or, when it’s really cold, items in the fridge freeze entirely (since the fridge has no way of heating the contents). Cold temperatures may also cause the oil in the compressor to get too thick to circulate properly, and you end up burning out your compressor.

How do you test a refrigerator temperature sensor?

You can test your thermistor(s) using an ohm meter or multi-meter. The best way to do this is to remove the thermistor from the refrigerator so you can control the temperature of the sensor. You can let the sensor warm up to room temperature or grab a glass of ice water to test the thermistor.

How can I check the temperature of my fridge?

To measure the temperature in the refrigerator: Put the thermometer in a glass of water and place in the middle of the refrigerator. Wait 5 to 8 hours. If the temperature is not 38 to 40 °F, adjust the refrigerator temperature control. Check again after 5 to 8 hours.

Why is my refrigerator warm?

There’s a chance that your temperature sensor is broken or not correctly set. Or that the defrost timer is broken, or the vent fan between the compartments. There might be something wrong with your compressor, you might have a coolant leak, or it might just be a loose wire somewhere along the way.