Why is my freezer cold on the outside?

Why is my freezer cold on the outside?

The simple answer may be you are opening and closing your refrigerator too often on a hot day. Another possible cause is that your refrigerator is set too cold. The cold may be permeating through the door and when the hot air on the outside hits it, you get that sweat.

Why is the refrigerator not getting cold?

Vacuum the coils under or behind the fridge. Clogged coils can cause poor cooling. Check to make sure nothing is stuck in the condenser fan and that it spins freely (models with coils on the back won’t have a fan). Plug in the fridge and make sure the fan runs when the compressor is running.

How much does it cost to replace a compressor in a freezer?

What’s the Cost to Replace a Refrigerator Compressor? The cost to replace one is between $300 and $550, dependent on the cost of the item and labor. If a compressor has a faulty relay switch repairs can cost roughly about $50 to $200. If money is a problem then this is an easy solution.