Why is my DishDrawer not draining?

Why is my DishDrawer not draining?

Disconnect the drain hose at both connection points. You may need a small adjustable wrench to do this. Stagnant water may be trapped in the hose, so remove it carefully and pour any trapped water down the sink. If you can see obstructions, the drain hose is likely the cause of your drainage problems.

How do I unlock my DishDrawer?

Press and hold the LOCK button for 3 seconds to lock or unlock the control panel.

How do you clean a cutlery basket in a dishwasher?

The silverware basket can become unsanitary pretty quickly. Once a week, remove it and wash it with warm water, a bottle brush and dish soap. Be sure to get out any food particles that may be stuck inside the cups to prevent mold.

How do you remove a Fisher Paykel double drawer dishwasher?

Turn off the dishwasher breaker in your service panel. Pull open the DishDrawer with the panel that you would like to remove. Locate the round pins on the bottom of the each side of the drawer, located near the front of the drawer. Grasp the center bar of the pin with the pliers and pull it straight out.

How do you remove the bottom drawer on a Fisher and Paykel dishwasher?

Flip the switch at your electrical breaker box to the “Off” position to turn off your Fisher & Paykel dishwasher. Pull the bottom drawer out as far as it will go and lift out the dish rack. Look inside the tub on the bottom drawer. Remove each of the pins with needle-nose pliers by clasping the pin and pulling it out.

How do you remove a double drawer from a dishwasher?

pull the top dishwasher drawer out and look up, sometimes there will be 2 screws going through the top into the countertop holding the dishwasher. Next, push in on the tabs just behind the front panel near the bottom of the drawer so that the drawer can be pulled out even further.

How do you remove a Fisher and Paykel freezer drawer?

For ease of removal, empty food from tray/remove the bins from the tray first. Hold the centre front of the tray handle. Lift vertically to unclip from the runners and pull tray towards you to remove. Push both runners back into refrigerator.

How do you replace the Fisher Paykel control board?

Push in on the tab on each side of the control board and remove the control board. There is one tab on each side of the control board. Line the new control board up and secure it to the tabs by pushing it into place until the tabs lock. Plug the wire harness into the new control board.

How do I disconnect my dishwasher drain line?

InstructionsShut off electrical power and water supply to the dishwasher. Remove the bottom front access panel and toe panel. Pull out the dishwasher. Disconnect the drain hose from the drain pump. Remove the drain hose from the water inlet assembly. Disconnect the drain hose from the drain line to the sink.Lisää kohteita…