Why does my washing machine keep saying error?

Why does my washing machine keep saying error?

Common appliance codes could be related to a problem with the door, a water heating sensor, a software or circuit board fault, a motor or pump fault plus much more. Simple things that could have an error code could be the door being left ajar on the machine or the detergent drawer not in situ properly.

What does code error mean?

The error code is a specific number that identifies what the error is to the system. It also can be helpful in finding a resolution to the problem. For example, in the Windows Device Manager, looking up error code 43 indicates that the hardware device has failed and should be replaced.

How do I fix e10 error on my washing machine?

Resolution:Check the water supply. Clean the filter in the inlet hose next to the tap. Ensure correct position of the drain hose. Ensure correct drain height. Clean the pump and filter. Check for blocked drain. Check the drainage hose for possible kink or twist. Use less soap powder.

Should there be water under the drum of my washing machine?

Yes, there should be water in the tub. You normally don’t notice it because of the inner basket. The water keeps hoses and the pump seals from drying out. A dishwasher does the same thing.