Why does my stove light stay on?

Why does my stove light stay on?

The contacts that make & break for the surface unit on light are stuck together inside the switch. On the switch, be sure the stove is unplugged or power is turned off, there will be a wire on the “P” terminal. You can try unplugging the yellow wire from the “P” terminal and see if the light goes out.

How do I reset the clock on my Kenmore stove?

Hold down the “clock” button” for six seconds. After this time has elapsed, the “CLO” indicator will change to either “12 HR” or “24 HR.” To choose between these two options, press the “FLEX CLEAN” button and then press start to set your choice.

How do you set the clock on a stove?

The easiest way to reset your clock is if your stove has a simple labeled ‘Clock’ button. Ideally, this also means you have a separate ‘Timer’ button along with two up-down or arrow buttons to set the time with. Start by pushing the clock button. Your clock display should now be flashing, zeroes, or both.

How do I set the clock on my Kenmore glass cooktop?

To set the clock Press Clock once. CLO should appear in the display. Nest use the up/down arrows to set the correct time then press Start to set the clock.