Why are the lights on my Samsung dishwasher flashing?

Why are the lights on my Samsung dishwasher flashing?

Common solutions for: My Samsung Dishwasher Has Blinking Lights. The heating element heats up the water to operating temperature. If the water doesn’t reach the proper temperature after a set amount of time, a light on the control panel might start flashing.

How do I fix error code lc1?

Error LC / LC1 – Error codes that caused by drain hose, follow this step to fix it:Make sure the end of the drain hose is placed on the floor.Make sure the drain hose is not blocked.

What does lc1 mean?

LC1AcronymDefinitionLC1Local Council 1 (Uganda)LC1Liver Cytosol Antibody type 1

What does LC mean on washing machine?

If the control lock has been activated, the control will not function. If you try to push buttons, you may see the code “LoC” or “LC” (depending on your model). This is a reminder that you have set the control lock, and need to de-activate it to allow the washer controls to function.

Where is the filter on my Samsung top load washer?

The debris filter is generally present in the lower back portion of the Washing Machine.

How do you use the self clean cycle on a Samsung washer?

Choose a Self Clean cycle. Close the washer’s lid or door, and press the Power button. Select Self Clean, Self Clean+, or Pure Cycle, and then press the Start/Pause button to start. Self Clean time varies from model to model, but is approximately 1 hour for top load washers and 4 hours for front load washers.

Why does my top loading washing machine smell like rotten eggs?

For a rotten egg smell, it could be one of two things. The most likely is bacteria growing in your washer because of built-up dirt, mildew and mold, lint, and/or soap. If you don’t regularly clean your washing machine, these things build up on, under, or inside the rubber seal and in the crevices of the drum.

Why does my laundry room smell like poop?

The most common causes of a washing machine that smells like sewage are improperly installed P-traps, drain clogs or vent pipe clogs.