Why are my refrigerator door gaskets hot?

Why are my refrigerator door gaskets hot?

The center mullion of your refrigerator is heated by a tube of hot gas from the compressor. It is normal for the gaskets to feel warm. The reason this happens is something is causing extra heat in the condenser coil and compressor. Check the condenser coil underneath the refrigerator.

Why is the side of my refrigerator so hot?

You may notice that the outside of your fridge feels warm. This is caused by the heat dissipated from the refrigeration process and is normal. If your fridge feels warmer than it should, it may be the spacing between your fridge and it’s surroundings.

Is it normal for a freezer to get hot on the outside?

The outside of the freezer may feel warm, this is normal. The freezer’s design and main function is to remove heat from the contents and air inside the freezer. The heat is transferred to the room air, making the outside of the freezer feel warm.

Can my freezer catch fire?

Fridges, when ignited, can cause fires to develop quickly, giving off toxic gases. According to the London Fire Brigade (LFB) there is an average of at least one fridge fire a week.

Do fridges struggle in hot weather?

Hot air temperatures can have an adverse affect on refrigerators during the summer months. This allows hot air to enter the fridge affecting the temperature and making the refrigerator work harder to cool down. …