Where is the washing machine lid switch?

Where is the washing machine lid switch?

This is the lid switch. It’s usually found just under the washer’s top, where it can be activated by a small rod on the washer lid, which pushes the switch when the lid is down.

How do I clean the lid of my washing machine?

Clean around the lid or door and the seals with a 10:1 mixture of warm water and bleach. Wearing rubber gloves to protect your hands, dip a soft cloth in the mixture and wipe carefully. Rinse with clean water, and dry with a soft cloth. Repeat the process every few months or as needed to keep mildew in check.

Why is my LG washer stuck on spin?

LG washers keep repeating the spin cycle when the water isn’t draining. This issue is often caused by broken sensors and other malfunctioning components. A hard reset can fix the problem, but you might need to buy a new sensor if it keeps happening.

How do I force my LG top load washer to drain?

Force drain the unit by starting a cycle and pausing it. After 8 minutes the unit will automatically time out, display DR, and try to drain the unit. Press START/PAUSE button to START the cycle.