Where is the model number on my Maytag Centennial washer?

Where is the model number on my Maytag Centennial washer?

For a general household washer it is behind the control panel, which is located on the back left side of the base frame. On a residential washer it is on the bottom right-hand corner inside the washing lid. On commercial washers you will find it on the back top-right corner or left side.

How do I add detergent to my Maytag Centennial washer?

Where do you put liquid detergent in a Maytag washer?Pour detergent in the dispenser or, if there isn’t one, directly into the tub.If your washer is High-Efficiency (HE), only use HE detergent.If using detergent pods, color-safe bleach or fabric softener crystals, add them directly to the tub before loading clothes.

Can you use pods in a HE washer?

Laundry detergent pods work best in standard top load washers and high-efficiency top-loading and front-loading washers. Washers with automatic detergent or fabric softener dispensers don’t mix well with pods. Therefore, never place pods in dispenser drawers, only in the drum.

Does liquid detergent clog pipes?

Typically, liquid detergents will not clog pipes, in either your washing machine or your dishwasher. There is a slightly increased risk of clogging with powdered detergents, but as long as you use the correct amount for the appliance, you shouldn’t experience issues with pipe or drain clogging.

What can I pour down a drain to unclog it?

4 Steps to Unclog Your Drain with Baking Soda & VinegarStart by pouring a pot of boiling water down the drain.Next, pour a cup of baking soda and 1 cup water/1 cup vinegar solution.Cover with the drain plug and wait 5 to 10 minutes.Pour boiling water down the drain again.

Does powder clog your washing machine?

Unlike liquid laundry detergent, powder is dispensed from your washing machine’s drawer. If it builds up too much, it can clog up your machine, meaning your detergent is not dispensed properly and leaving your clothes unwashed.To avoid washing powder residue, just follow the steps below and watch the video.