What is igniter circuit malfunction?

What is igniter circuit malfunction?

This code refers to a malfunction in the ignition system, with the malfunction being the lack of an IGF (Ignition Feedback) signal between the igniter (also known as an “ignition module”), and the PCM (Powertrain Control Module).

What is the function of the igniter?

Spark igniters function as a device that ignites compressed fuels, such as aerosol gas, petroleum gas that is generally liquefied, and ethanol. Some manufacturers produce spark igniters (also called spark plugs) that produce an ultra thrust ignition, which provides reduced emissions and a faster start.

How do you test a distributor Ignitor?

If you want to check the ignitor, disconnect ir from the coil and put a test light at the coil wires. Crank the engine, you should have a blining light if the ignitor works.

What is a Ignitor?

The ignition ignitor is the component that is responsible for sending a signal from the key’s ignition switch to the electrical system to supply power to the spark plugs and start your engine. In some systems the igniter is also responsible for advancing and retarding the engine’s timing.