What is deep rinse?

What is deep rinse?

On top-load washers with this feature, Deep Rinse should be used when using liquid fabric softener or when a deep fill rinse is needed. When this option is selected, the washer will go into a deep rinse after the agitation cycle. Not to be confused with Deep Fill which occurs prior to the end of the agitation cycle.

What is spray rinse?

Each spray rinse utilises a predetermined quantity of water which is sprayed directly at the clothes load while the load is rotated, thereby allowing the rinse water to pass straight through the clothes load, removing soil and/or detergent from the clothes on its way.

What does a second rinse do?

A second rinse will help to ensure all the soap suds are gone and your clothes are clean and fresh. You may want to do more rinses than this but two should be enough to ensure your clothes are as clean and fresh as they can be.

Can you wash clothes 2 times?

If your clothes are really dirty, it stands to reason that you’ll need extra laundry detergent. It’s better to wash a load twice in a row with a normal amount of detergent than load up on extra detergent.