What does it mean when Washer says f20?

What does it mean when Washer says f20?

F20 Error Code F20 indicates a water inlet problemno water or insufficient water supply. Try the following method to resolve: Select PAUSE/CANCEL twice to cancel the cycle. Unplug washer or disconnect power.

How do I get my Whirlpool Duet washer to unlock?

How to Unlock a Whirlpool Duet Washing MachineReach up inside the front panel and locate the door latch assembly on the right side of door.Feel for a tear-drop shaped tab on the bottom of the door latch assembly. This tab will manually unlock the door.Gently pull down on tab about 1/4 inch or until you hear a click. The door should open.

How do I add detergent to my Whirlpool front load washer?

Open the bulk container lid on the top of the washer/dryer.Lift the fill door on the Liquid Detergent dispenser (Dispenser 1). Add liquid HE detergent up to the “MAX” line. Do not overfill. Lift the fill door on the Liquid Fabric Softener dispenser (Dispenser 2). Add liquid fabric softener up to the “MAX” line.

Where does detergent go in Whirlpool washer?

Add your detergent to the machine.Main wash compartment: Detergent for the main wash, water softener, pre-soaking agent, bleach and stain remover. Softener compartment: Fabric softener (do not fill higher than the line indicated by MAX). Prewash compartment: Detergent for prewash or starch.

Can I use Tide Pods in my Whirlpool Duet washer?

Yes, you can use Tide pods. Mine came with pod samples. The instructions say to place them in with the laundry, not in the soap dispenser.