What does f78 mean on Miele dishwasher?

What does f78 mean on Miele dishwasher?

Circulation Pump Fault Symptom

What dishwasher detergent does Miele recommend?

Miele Ultra Tabs Multi is the best detergent for Miele Dishwasher. This detergent is a good combination for Miele Dishwashers because it is manufactured by Miele itself. In Miele dishwashers, they recommend you using Miele detergents and they do their best job.

Do Miele dishwashers have heated drying?

Miele Dishwasher Drying System Many dishwashers utilize heated drying for the final step of the washing process- moving hot air around the dishwasher in much the same way a convection oven does.

Why does my Miele dishwasher not dry?

Dishwasher Isn’t Loaded Properly Top rack: reserve for cups, bowls and glassware. Place items facing down for better rinsing and drying. Bottom rack: designated for plates and cookware. Make sure there’s adequate spacing between items and face them down or inward for more effective rinsing and drying.

How long should a Miele dishwasher last?

20 years

Do Miele dishwashers need salt?

So, in case you ever notice the salt light on in your Miele dishwasher, don’t despair. And you do not need SALT.

Can I use liquid detergent in Miele dishwasher?

Do not use dishwashing liquid.  Do not fill the rinse aid reservoir with powder or liquid detergent.

Is liquid or powder detergent better for dishwasher?

Powder dishwasher detergent is typically the most economical detergent choice. Powder detergent cleans delicate dishware more efficiently as compared to most liquid dishwasher detergents.

Where is the intake drain on a Miele dishwasher?

Located in the bottom of the dishwasher below the lower spray arm, the triple filter stops waste material washed off dishes from entering the drain. To remove, twist the handle and lift out.

How do you pronounce Miele?

According to Pchola, the right way to say Miele is mee-luh. “While it is a challenge to phonetically spell the name in its correct German form, the closest way to educate customers in the United States on how to say it is “Miele, like the name Sheila.”

How can I maximize my dishwasher?

Make sure that larger, taller items are placed to the sides and back of the machine. This makes sure that they don’t block the flow of water from reaching the middle dishes. The top rack of the dishwasher is made to fit glassware. You should always put mugs and glasses on the top rack, not the bottom.

How many years should a dishwasher last?

About 10 years