What does f27 mean on a Whirlpool Duet washer?

What does f27 mean on a Whirlpool Duet washer?

The F27 error is displayed when there is too much water and/or suds in the washer tub. It’s called an overflow condition which means the water pressure switch has too much pressure on it causing the overflow contacts to close and the failure is logged in the control.

What is error code f27?

Now for the error F27, that is a water level error. Try this before you take the washer out back:-) Both of the codes you mentioned can be indicators of a water level problem. Remove the supply hoses from the faucet and the fill valve. There should be small filter screens that you can remove and clean/replace.

How do you fix the F 28 code on a Whirlpool Duet washer?

How to Fix the F-28 Code on a Whirlpool DuetUnplug the electrical cord from the wall outlet.Open the detergent tray on the top of the washer and locate the Phillips screws that hold it in place.Remove the detergent tray screws using a Phillips screwdriver and pull off the tray.Find the control console unit reset lever and pull it toward you.

Does Whirlpool washer have a fuse?

Washing machines have fuses that protect them from power surges. Washing machines require lots of power to run. The other fuse sits in the lid switch on some machines; if the washer overheats or there is a power surge, the washer will not run again until the fuse in the switch is replaced.

Why does my Whirlpool Duet washer fill with water?

Yes, if the washer is slowly filling up with water when the washer is not running, then the water inlet valve has a slow leak and it will need to be replaced. If you can get the model number from the tag on the door frame of the washer, I can look up the part number for you.

What replaced the Whirlpool Duet?

Whirlpool’s earlier Duet (Sport) WFW8500S Washer has been discontinued and has been replaced with a line of Duet front load washers. While several Whirlpool front load washers of late (2016) tend to get poor ratings, there’s one that stands out from the pack, because it has consistently met consumer expectations.