What does e1 and f2 mean on Whirlpool oven?

What does e1 and f2 mean on Whirlpool oven?

F2-E1 – Touch Pad (Keypad) Cable Unplugged – Check the connection between the touch pad (keypad) and control board (clock) to make sure it is secure. If error code reappears then replace the touch pad, or touch pad and control board (clock) if all one assembly.

What does f2 on a Whirlpool oven mean?

In this case, the F2 error code indicates that the oven temperature is too high. Now, this does not necessarily mean that the temperature inside the oven really is too high. The oven control board (clock) is responsible for measuring the resistance of the sensor circuit.

What year is my Whirlpool oven?

Whirlpool Serial Number Codes 2nd Alpha Character = Year Manufactured (See Tables). 1st and 2nd Digit = Week of Year Manufactured. 3rd through 7th Digit = Order of Manufacturing that Week.

How long do whirlpool ovens last?

The oven is a hardworking appliance! Many homeowners use it every day or every other day. If you use your unit that frequently, or less frequently, the oven’s lifespan is likely to be average—about 16 years.

Why is my oven hot when it’s not on?

Cause: If the temperature sensor inside the oven is not working as intended, it can cause the oven to not heat to the correct temperature. This can be caused by a faulty temperature sensor or a temperature sensor that is touching the wall of the oven.