Should there be water under dishwasher filter?

Should there be water under dishwasher filter?

You’re likely noticing this water as you’re going to remove your dishwasher filters for regular cleaning. Water in this area is actually perfectly normal, useful even. It’s there to keep the seals from drying up. It drains when a cycle starts and is replaced with fresh water at the end of the cycle.

How do I get water out of the bottom of my dishwasher?

Line the floor under the dishwasher with towels or newspaper. With a measuring cup or a large ladle, scoop the water from the bottom into a bowl or the sink. When the water becomes too shallow to scoop, soak up the remaining moisture with cloth or paper towels.

How long do drain pumps last?

about 10 years

How do I fix the e20 error on my candy washer?

ResolutionEnsure the drain hose is in the correct position. Ensure correct drain height. Clean the pump and filter. Check for a blocked drain. Check the drainage hose for possible kink or twist. Use less soap powder. Switch off the power to the washing machine. Contact an Authorised Service Center.