Should refrigerator evaporator fan run constantly?

Should refrigerator evaporator fan run constantly?

Good luck. The evaporator fan motor should run anytime the compressor and condenser fan motor are running. The evaporator circulates the air in the freezer and into the refrigerator section.

When should a refrigerator evaporator fan run?

The fan shouldn’t run while the door is open, and most fridges or freezers go into a brief defrost mode every 8 hours or so. Otherwise, the fan should run most of the time.

Why does my refrigerator not stop running?

A faulty fridge defrost heater will cause constant running. A refrigerator defrost heater melts ice that gets on the evap coils. If the fridge defrost heater is bad, the evaporator coil will build up ice. When ice is on the evap coils, the fridge will run longer.

Why does my fridge fan keep running?

A common reason a condenser fan is continually running within a refrigerator is the thermostat. A basic test is to set the thermostat on the warmest setting; if the cooling unit continues to run, even when it’s being told to keep the fridge warmer, you have a broken thermostat.

How do you check the damper control on a refrigerator?

Manually open the door with your fingers to make sure it can move freely. If it can move freely then replace the damper. Sometimes some insulation or foam can fall into the path of the damper and cause it to jam. If you look inside the damper and it’s open but you don’t feel air, check your evaporator freezer fan.