Is 46 degrees too warm for a refrigerator?

Is 46 degrees too warm for a refrigerator?

It should be at or below 40 degrees F to slow bacterial growth, but you can’t know it’s cold enough unless you use a thermometer. As many as 43 percent of home refrigerators have been found to be at temperatures above 40 degrees F, putting them in the food safety danger zone where harmful bacteria can multiply.

Why is my fridge freezer warm?

There’s a chance that your temperature sensor is broken or not correctly set. Or that the defrost timer is broken, or the vent fan between the compartments. There might be something wrong with your compressor, you might have a coolant leak, or it might just be a loose wire somewhere along the way.

How warm is too warm for a refrigerator?

To ensure that your refrigerator is doing its job, it’s important to keep its temperature at 40 F or below; the freezer should be at 0 F.

What is the correct temperature for a GE fridge?

The recommended control settings are 0F for the freezer and 37F for the fresh food compartment. Pressing any of the temperature adjustment pads once will display the temperatures. To change the temperature setting, press any of the temperature adjustment pads a second time.

What number should a fridge freezer be set at?

The FDA recommends keeping your refrigerator at or below 40° F (4° C), and your freezer at 0° F (-18° C) to keep your food fresh the longest and prevent the growth of bacteria that could cause food-borne illnesses.

Which brand of fridge freezer is the most reliable?

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