How do you unlock the controls on a GE microwave?

How do you unlock the controls on a GE microwave?

To unlock the control: Press and hold the clear/off pad for about three seconds. Or on some models you press and hold the “5” and “7” simultaneously for three seconds.

Can you lock a microwave?

Many microwave control panels can be locked to prevent accidental use or access by children. There are several different ways to lock the control panel depending on your model. To lock the control (varies by model): Press and hold the CLEAR/OFF pad for 3 seconds.

Is there a reset button on my microwave?

Does a Microwave Have a Reset Button? Most microwave ovens do not include a reset button. However, you can reset your microwave in one of two ways. The most common way of reseting your microwave is called a hard reset.

Is it worth it to repair a microwave?

A replacement appliance costs about $100 and should work for at least seven to 10 years. If your microwave is relatively new and the repair costs less than replacing it, the fix is worth it. In general, the problems worth fixing include: No light when the door opens or while cooking.