How do you take apart a GE dryer?

How do you clean the lint filter on a GE dryer?

Dryer Lint Filters and How to CleanAfter each use: Clean the filter by putting moistened fingers at the corner of the filter and wiping in a downward motion. Continue all the way across to the other corner.Periodically: If a dryer applied fabric softener or anti-static conditioner is used, the lint filter should be washed periodically.

How do you remove a lint trap from a dryer?

In the lint trap alcove, you will need to remove the catch and unscrew two securing screws there as well. Once both the cover and the alcove screws have been removed, that back cover should come off. You will now be able to get a hand inside there and retrieve the item from inside that cover.

What happens if you run a dryer without a lint trap?

If you did have clothes in the dryer while it was running without the lint filter screen installed, it would eventually suck a small piece of clothing into the lint filter housing and into the blower wheel and housing jam the blower and motor.

Is it OK to leave the dryer on when not home?

Do not leave a dryer running if you leave home or when you go to bed. Never dry items that have come in contact with flammable substances, such as cooking oil, gasoline, and paint thinner, or alcohol. Keep the dryer area clear of things that can burn, such as boxes or clothing.

Why does my new dryer smell like it’s burning?

Burning smell If the dryer’s new, it is burning off the oil residue from shipping. Run the dryer empty for about 15 minutes to dissipate the odor. You should periodically clean the lint trap and the exhaust vent. Make sure you’re using the the right settings for the clothing you are drying.

What do you do if your dryer catches on fire?

Call Your Local Fire Department at OnceCall Your Local Fire Department at Once.Keep the dryer door closed.Turn off and unplug the dryer if possible.Evacuate your home if the fire persists.

Which makes of tumble dryers are catching fire?

Tumble Dryer Safety Notice A safety notice has been issued for Hotpoint, Indesit, Swan, Proline and Creda tumble dryers manufactured between Ap and Septem due to a risk of fire caused by fluff coming into contact with the heating elements.