How do you reset a Whirlpool washer machine?

How do you reset a Whirlpool washer machine?

Press the Start Stop button once. Rotate the dial until Rinse, Wash, and Stop light illuminate. Turn the washer off and unplug it for 10 seconds. Finally, turn on the washer and it should now be reset.

How can I check my Whirlpool washing machine warranty?

In the U.S. and Canada, direct all requests for warranty service to: Whirlpool Customer eXperience Center In the U.S.A., call 1- In Canada, call 1- If outside the 50 United States or Canada, contact your authorized Whirlpool dealer to determine whether another warranty applies.

Can you die in a whirlpool?

Water can grant life but it can also be a dangerous force depending upon its intensity and form. Very small whirlpools can be seen spinning when a sink drains, but the powerful whirlpools in nature are magnificent and destructive. The swirling vortex is deadly. Whirlpools occur when two opposing currents meet.

How do I contact a whirlpool recall?

If you have any questions about the Whirlpool product recall, please:Call us on Connect to an adviser via Live Chat.Facebook:

Which company is best LG or Whirlpool?

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