How do you reset a Viking oven?

How do you reset a Viking oven?

Press the “Clock” button on your Viking oven. Turn the “Set” knob under the clock until the correct time shows.Push the “Clock” button again. Press and hold the “timer” and “bake hours” buttons at the same time.Turn the “Set” knob until you see the correct time on the digital clock.Release the buttons.

How do you unlock a Viking oven?

Remove the main electrical control cover which should be in the center of your range and runs from the front of your range to the back. There is a small access area in the front closed with screws that you will need to open to get to the latch. Once you disconnect the latch you will be able to unlatch the door.

How do I clean my Viking self cleaning oven?

Normal cleaning can be done with hot, soapy water and/ or Soft Scrub cleanser (without bleach) with a blue Scotch-Brite pad. If stubborn spots still occur, then use Easy-Off Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner (see first bullet below).

How long does it take to self clean a Viking oven?

Temperatures reach between 850 to 900° F in order to vaporize food particles and turn them into ash. The self-clean feature generally lasts 3 to 3½ hours depending on the model with an additional 30 minutes of cool down period required. Is the outside of the oven door safe to touch during self-clean?