How do you remove the agitator from a Kenmore top load washer?

Can you remove the agitator?

Insert a flathead screwdriver along the edge of the agitator cap and the agitator. Twist the screwdriver to pop the cap from the top of the agitator. Insert the socket into the agitator to remove the agitator bolt from inside the agitator. Reach your fingers beneath the agitator and lift it from the machine.

How do you remove the agitator from a Kenmore 90 Series washer?

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Why won’t my Kenmore washer agitate?

5 Answers. If the washer won’t agitate the drive block or bell might be worn out or broken. The drive block connects the washer transmission to the agitator, if it’s worn out the transmission shaft will still move back and forth but the agitator will either stay still or move slightly.

How do you remove the agitator from a Kenmore washer model 110?

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How do you remove a Kenmore agitator?

In that case, you’ll have to remove the agitator on your Kenmore washer in order to make way for a new one.Turn off your washer and unplug it from the wall. Lift up the hood to reveal the washer tub and agitator.Remove the agitator cap. Remove the agitator bolt. Put on the safety gloves.