How do you fix a seized door lock?

Why does my LG Washer say CL?

CL Error Code CL is not an error code, but an indicator that the child lock feature is active. When the child lock feature is active, the control panel is disabled, and settings cannot be adjusted. To activate or de-activate child lock, press and hold the child lock button for 3 seconds.

How do you unlock a child lock on a TV without a remote?

You can reset and eliminate the lock on some televisions without the remote, using a few tactics. Hold the power button for five seconds. The television will automatically restart. If the lock is still on, unplug the television and remove the battery from the back panel of the television.

How do I reset the child lock on my TV?

How to Remove a Child Lock On TVGet the TV remote control and push the “Menu” button and select “Options.”Select “Child Lock” from the “Options” list. Choose the “Remove Child Lock” selection. Enter the four-digit code that you used when you activated the child lock feature. Exit the TV menu once you have entered the four-digit code.