How do you fix a LED light on a Kenmore refrigerator?

How do I change the LED light on my Samsung fridge?

2 Freezer CompartmentStep 1) Push the center of the light cover’s upper side, and then pull down the light cover.Step 2) Replace the bulb with a size A15, 40 watt or smaller bulb.Caution! The light bulbs may be hot!Step 3) Reattach the light cover. Step 4) Plug your refrigerator back in.

Can I put a 60w LED bulb in a 40w socket?

Yes, assuming you’re suggesting an LED that has lumen output similar to a 60 watt lamp. You can use any lamp that consumes up to 40 watts and is shaped similar to the lamp recommended. So for example, if it was a standard A lamp, you could use any LED lamp that consumes up to 40 watts with no safety issue.