How do you clean a Maytag HE top load washer?

How do you clean a Maytag HE top load washer?

STEP 1: CLEAN THE TUBRemove any items left in the tub.Add an affresh washing machine cleaner tablet to the bottom of the tub. Close the door and select your washer’s cleaning cycle.For top load washers, when the cycle ends, run a rinse and spin cycle to clear away any excess cleansers.

Does Maytag top load washer have a filter?

Washers and dryers such as those by Maytag have filters to catch lint. Maytag produces a wide range of home appliances, including washers and dryers. The company makes both front loading and top loading washing machines of varying capacities and with differing features.

Why does my Maytag top load washer smell?

Maytag washing machines washing clothes exclusively on the cold water setting may exhibit a sour odor over time. The cold water does not completely remove all traces of detergent and therefore may build up inside the washer, encouraging germs or mildew growth.

How do you clean the inlet screen on a washing machine?

Clean the screens with running water or blow out debris with an air compressor. You may have to pick and scrape away stubborn particles with a utility knife.

How do you get sediment out of washing machine?

To clean filters on clothes washer water lines:Turn off the water to the washer.Unscrew the hot and cold hoses on the back of the washer.Squirt the filters on the washer with water in a spray bottle.Use a stiff acid brush to remove any remaining dirt or debris.Reattach the hot and cold hoses to the washer.