How do you change the bottom element on a Kenmore oven?

Should the broil element come on when baking?

The bake and broil elements are never on at the same time. This is intended to give the oven a more even heat for baking.

Do ovens have 2 elements?

A conventional oven generally has two heating elements, one on top and one on the bottom. For most cooking (other than broiling), only the bottom element is used with the heat rising to the top. Other than the natural rising of the heat, the hot air produced by the element is essentially stationary.

Can you clean the element in an oven?

Method 1: Turning on the grill function on an empty oven Most of the accumulated fat will loosen up and become easier to clean. Once the oven cools down, spray some detergent onto the grill element and gently clean it up using a damp cloth.