How do I use the self clean feature on my Jenn Air oven?

How do I use the self clean feature on my Jenn Air oven?

Start the Cleaning CyclePress the Clean button.Select desired clean setting or cycle time.Press the Start button.When the cycle ends let range cool and wipe out excess ashes from clean cycle.

How long does it take a Jenn Air oven to self clean?

Watch for the self-clean light to turn off (on models with knob controls) or for the timer to display 0:00 (on models with push-pad controls). The cleaning cycle on ovens with knobs lasts four hours and 20 minutes, while the other ovens can be set for any time between three and five hours.

How do you clean the glass on a Jenn Air oven door?

It is recommended that you set aside at least an hour for this project.Open the oven door all the way. Lay the towel under the oven door. Locate the screws or hinges on the oven door. Clean the glass using special oven glass cleaner, general glass cleaners such as Windex, or a razor blade.

Is it normal for a self cleaning oven to smoke?

Smoke and burning or oil smells may emanate from the oven during self-clean. This is normal. The amount of smoke and odor during self-clean varies and is usually a result of food or grease residue left in the oven before starting the cleaning process. Grease on the broil element can cause smoke.

How does the self clean work on an oven?

Self-Clean Ovens The oven is cleaned by heat, at temperatures above normal cooking temperatures. During the cleaning cycle the oven is heated to about 880 degrees Fahrenheit (471° C.). At this temperature, food soils inside the oven decompose, leaving behind a small amount of ash.

How do you use the self clean on an oven?

How Self-cleaning Ovens WorkRemove all pans and foil from inside the oven before you clean. Clean up as much baked-on food or grease as you can easily remove. Lock the oven door. Time the cleaning using the controls provided. Let the oven cool after the cleaning cycle. Wipe away ash residue with damp cloth.