How do I turn my filter light off?

How do I turn my filter light off?

To reset the water filter indicator you need to find the multi-function button(s) on your display that controls the filter indicator. Then press and hold the button(s) until the light changes.

How do I reset my Petkit filter light?

Filter indicator light flashes means you need to replace the filter, after replace the filter, long press the filter reset button on the bottom of fountain until indicator light turning off, which means replace the filter successfully.

How do I turn off the filter light on my air conditioner?

After having removed, cleaned, dried and replaced the filter press and hold the Filter button. In PORT units, press and hold the Sleep button for 3 seconds to turn the filter light off. This will reset the filter timer.

What does red filter light mean on Samsung refrigerator?

The filter Indicator will be Red when you have used your water filter for 6 months. If you change the filter, press the Ice Type / Filter Change button for 3 seconds to reset the filter schedule.