How do I stop my Whirlpool oven from self cleaning?

How do I stop my Whirlpool oven from self cleaning?

To cancel a self-cleaning oven cycle, press the keypad button marked cancel or off. This should immediately halt the cleaning cycle. Press the Timer button twice to stop this function, which can also read Timer Off or Timer Set/Off.

How do you self clean a whirlpool double oven?

Start the Cleaning CyclePress the Clean button.Select desired clean setting or cycle time.Press the Start button.When the cycle ends let range cool and wipe out excess ashes from clean cycle.

How does the self clean option work on an oven?

Self-Clean Ovens The oven is cleaned by heat, at temperatures above normal cooking temperatures. During the cleaning cycle the oven is heated to about 880 degrees Fahrenheit (471 C.). At this temperature, food soils inside the oven decompose, leaving behind a small amount of ash.

Do you spray a self cleaning oven?

Do not spray any oven cleaner inside the oven. You may need to use oven cleaner on the racks to cleanse baked on grease off. If you choose to leave your racks in the oven during the cleaning cycle, you can use vegetable oil to wipe the racks down and restore some luster to the metal.