How do I light the pilot on my Viking oven?

How do I light the pilot on my Viking oven?

How to Light a Viking Pilot LightLocate the burner control knob for the burner you want to use. There is a diagram to the right of the control knob indicating which burner the knob will control.Turn the control knob counter clockwise to ignite the burner. Re-ignite your burner if the flame goes out.

How much does a 48 Viking Range weigh?

Specs & WarrantyFuel TypeGasTemperature ProbeNoCapacity5.7 Cu. Ft.Depth30″Weight585 lbs31 weitere Zeilen

How do I know what model my Viking range is?

The model and serial numbers can be found on a label in one of three locations: On the bottom of the control panel above the door, on the front of the oven cavity below the control panel, or on the inside of the left side panel, which can be seen by removing the left front grate and burner bowl.

How do you move a wolf’s range?

Answer:When moving a Wolf unit, it is best to keep the unit upright.Laying a Wolf unit on it’s side or back may damage trim pieces.Wolf Double Ovens should be kept upright to move.When using an appliance dolly, be sure the dolly platform extends from one side to the other – side to side.

How do you move a heavy stove?

Stoves are incredibly heavy and can easily scratch your floors, so we recommend using either a moving mat, moving planks, or best yet, an appliance dolly, to get your stove to the truck. You’ll need to have at least one additional set of hands to help you out.

Can you transport a gas stove laying down?

When moving a range or wall oven, it can be placed on either side during transporting without doing any harm to the appliance. “Sides” refers to the left or the right, not the rear.

How do you move an oven range?

How to Move an OvenIf a gas stove, turn off the gas line.Remove bottom drawer & racks.Tip the unit back and slide cardboard underneath the front legs.Pull oven out, using the cardboard to prevent scratching the floor.Disconnect power cord and gas line (make sure to turn this off first!)

How do you move an oven by yourself?

If you do not have access to a dolly, slide the oven forward a few inches by grasping the back edge; then tilt it back slightly and scoot a piece of upside-down carpet beneath the front legs. This allows you to move the oven easily and protects the flooring.

How much does it cost to move an oven?

Oven installation costs between $100 to $300 when placing it in an existing location. Combo units runs between $3,000 to $5,000. Retrofitting requires altering the countertop and cabinetry which will vary in price depending on your location….How much does it cost to relocate stove?Dishwasher InstallationCostMaximum Cost$485Average Range$185 to $225Mais 2 linhas•

Is it expensive to move a gas line?

The national average materials cost to move a gas line is $130.87 per line, with a range between $122.44 to $139.29. The total price for labor and materials per line is $919.80, coming in between $826.84 to $1,012.76. Your actual price will depend on your location, job size, conditions and finish options you choose.

Is it expensive to move a kitchen?

The average cost of moving a kitchen is around £14,000 – £19,000, dependant on the amount of work involved. Your builder will usually work at a cost of around £150 per day.

How hard is it to move a fridge?

Most fridges are on wheels, so sliding it forward shouldn’t be too difficult. To be safe, lift the fridge forward slightly and place furniture sliders underneath the back of the refrigerator. Have one person lift the fridge slightly while the other slides the moving dolly underneath the side of the refrigerator.