How do I get the sound back on my LG washing machine?

How do I get the sound back on my LG washing machine?

Another way is to connect the washer to the Internet and use the LG app to enable the sound again. Unplug the washer, let it sit for 10 minutes or so which gives the backup capacitors time to drain and then plug it back in. You do this so the machine resets back to defaults and your chimes should reappear.

Why is my washing machine making a scraping noise?

Most common noises When noises occur draining the water from the machine check the pump for any stuck buttons or hair grips. Scraping noise when turning the drum by hand? It’s most likely something that’s got past the seal, like a bra wire that’s got stuck when washing bras.

Who do you call when your washing machine breaks?

In the case of your washing machine, there are actually three people that you might call; an electrician, a plumber, and an appliance repair person.

How do you fix a broken washing machine?

It’s an easy and inexpensive fix, about $22.Fix 2: Draining problems. Replace the pump. Tip the machine back and support it with blocks. Fix 3: Slow fill or no fill. Replace the water valve. Remove the water valve bracket and mount the new valve. Fix 4: Won’t agitate or spin. Replace the lid switch.