How do I get the lid off my LG top load washer?

Why is my washing machine showing de?

A dE error code indicates that the washer door was unable to lock. This can normally be resolved by performing a simple reset on the washing machine. How to reset the washing machine: Press POWER to turn the washer off.

Where is the child lock button on my LG washer?

On some LG washing machines that do not have a CHILD LOCK button, to TURN CHILD LOCK ON, press and hold the TEMP and OPTIONS buttons at the same time for 3 to 5 seconds. Some LG washers have a little face above the lock key that is in between the WASH and RINSE buttons.

What does it mean when my LG Washer says CL?

child lock feature

How do you clean the tub on a LG washing machine?

To start the cleaning process, make sure that the washer tub is empty of all laundry. Press the power button to turn your washing machine on. Turn the cycle selector knob, or press the tub clean cycle button to the indicator parked tub clean. Close the lid or door, and press the start button.