How do I get my Samsung washer to spin?

How do I get my Samsung washer to spin?

To run a Spin Only cycle on a model that does not have this option on the cycle selector dial, perform the following:Power the unit on.Press and hold the spin key for approximately 3 seconds. A chime will sound.Select the spin level, if desired.Press the Start/Pause button.

Why did my Samsung Washer stop spinning?

If your Samsung washing machine stops during spinning it could be due to an unbalanced load. 1 Open the door and redistribute the washing more evenly around the drum. 2 Check that the drum is not over or under loaded. There should be a hand’s width between the top of the laundry and the top of the drum.

How do I only dry clothes on my Samsung washer?

Follow these steps to use the Drying feature: Add clothes inside the washing machine and close the door. Press the Power button followed by Drying button. Please note: Press the Drying button and choose drying type based on the programs below: ● Press Start/Pause button.

Is there a washing machine that dries clothes too?

LG’s new Washer/Dryer combo is an all-in-one machine that takes your laundry from dirty to dry in a single unit. That’s right, you can put in a load of laundry and come home to clean, dry clothes.

How do you use Samsung detergent in top load washer?

Liquid can be used to pretreat stains, but it’s easy to accidentally use too much. Whichever you choose, you need to include the liquid detergent insert in the detergent drawer when using liquid detergent, and remove it when using powdered detergent.