How do I fix my ice maker on my refrigerator?

How do I fix my ice maker on my refrigerator?

Fix: Start by making sure all electrical connections are properly seated. Slide the refrigerator out from the wall, turn off the water supply valve and disconnect it from power. Locate the quick release plug on the back wall inside the freezer. Unplug the connection it and reconnect it to ensure it’s fully connected.

Why is my KitchenAid ice maker making too much ice?

If your KitchenAid ice maker is making too much ice check the following: Check to make sure the ice maker is level. Check the bin sensor to make sure it is not blocked or dirty. Check to make sure the accelerated ice feature is not turned on.

How do I adjust my KitchenAid ice maker?

How to Level the KitchenAid Freestanding Ice MakerTurn the leveling leg to the right to lower that side of the ice maker.Turn the leveling leg to the left to raise that side of the ice maker.

Why is my freezer making too much ice?

A common cause for ice buildup is a faulty door seal. If a refrigerator has a bad door seal, the outside air will pass into the fridge and cause the ice build up problem you are experiencing. If the ice build up is only happening in the freezer, the freezer drain is probably clogged.

What is Max ice on KitchenAid refrigerator?

The Max Ice feature assists with increasing the cooling for the freezer compartment in order to increase ice production. To turn on or off the Max Ice feature, press the Max Ice button. The Max Ice feature will remain on for 24 hours unless manually turned off.

How much ice does a KitchenAid refrigerator make?

Ice maker is located in the upper left corner of the refrigerator compartment and the ice bin is located on the door. This type of ice maker should produce 100 – 140 cubes, during normal operating conditions.

Where is the water filter on a Kitchenaid refrigerator?

Locate your water filter cover on the left side of the refrigerator’s base grille.Push the eject button to release the filter. Pull the old filter out and discard it.Remove blue cap from new filter and be sure the O-rings are still in place after the cap has been removed.Lisää kohteita…