How do I fix my GE Profile Arctica refrigerator?

How do I fix my GE Profile Arctica refrigerator?

How to Reset a GE Profile ArcticaDisconnect the power to the Arctica refrigerator and wait 30 seconds. Restore power.Replace the household fuse or reset the circuit breaker if unplugging the refrigerator does not reset the controls.Perform a complete system reset by using the refrigerator’s self-diagnostic mode.

How do I set the temperature on my GE Profile Arctica refrigerator?

To change the temperature, you’ll find the panel inside, up at the top on the fridge side of the appliance. This controls both sides, with the freezer settings on the left and the fridge on the right.

Does my GE refrigerator have a reset button?

General Electric (GE) refrigerators do not have a dedicated reset button, but you can, however, reset your refrigerator in the event of a technical problem. Similarly, how do you remove the control panel from a GE refrigerator? Instead, it snaps onto the front of the dispenser housing.

Why won’t my GE refrigerator make ice?

If the water inlet valve is defective, or if it has insufficient pressure, it won’t allow water to flow through. As a result, the ice maker won’t make ice. Before replacing the ice maker assembly, check the water inlet valve, water line, and fan.