How do I fix error code f30?

How do I fix error code f30?

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What does it mean when my oven says f3?

The F3 error code indicates a problem with the oven temperature sensor, the electronic oven control (EOC), or the wiring in between. To test the range someone needs to access the rear of the EOC. The 2 violet wires go from the EOC to the oven temperature sensor. The sensor has been replaced.

Why does my oven keep saying f10?

The F10 fault code indicates a runaway temperature. The oven temperature sensor should measure approximat ohms at room temperature. The oven temperature sensor is located inside the oven cavity in the upper left or upper right rear corner.

How long should I let my oven self clean?

The heat is very intense in self cleaning ovens. The heat is designed to turn the debris, grease and dirt into ash. The average self cleaning cycle lasts about three hours. The oven temperature will be extremely hot.