How do I clear se error on Samsung microwave?

How do I clear se error on Samsung microwave?

If you cannot power it off, always leave the microwave door open. The SE error code of the Samsung microwave cannot be reset by powering off for a while. It will appear again and again and the problem with the control panel membrane will not be fixed.

What does the code se mean on a Samsung microwave?

Others, a Key short error. The SE error code indicates that you have a stuck key on the control keypad or a failed electronic control board. A technician will need to diagnose and repair this type of failure. Microwaves are inherently dangerous to service.

Why is my Samsung microwave not working?

A microwave that is not turning on or is turning off by itself is usually caused by overheating or a low power supply. However, if your microwave doesn’t heat up at all, it could be in Demo mode. You can check your microwave for signs of overheating and power loss, or disable Demo mode to solve the issue.