How do I child lock my LG dishwasher?

How do I child lock my LG dishwasher?

To activate the child lock:Open the dishwasher door.Press the POWER button.Select the cycle (and desired options).Press and hold the RINSE and SPRAY buttons for three seconds. The child lock indicator will illuminate in the display once the child lock is activated.Close the door to begin the cycle.

How do I reset the code on my LG dishwasher?

Once the water is soaked up or enough time has passed for the water to evaporate, turn off the circuit breaker and turn it back on to reset the dishwasher. Then run an empty cycle with nothing in it to clean out the dishwasher. If the error code occurs again, service will be required.

What is CL code on LG dishwasher?

CL – Child Lock This code means that the CHILD LOCK or CONTROL LOCK feature has been activated. When activated, all buttons will not change except the washer’s door and the POWER button. To activate the child lock: Open the dishwasher door.

Why is my LG dishwasher countdown 4?

Counting 4,3,2,1 appears in display The door is sensing a problem with the latch system. Normally it is related to improper installation.

What is LG Inverter Direct Drive?

The Direct Drive, sometimes known as an Inverter Drive integrates the appliance’s motor, belt, and pulley into a single mechanism which attaches directly to the drum. This reduction in component parts results in increased stability and reduced friction resulting in a quieter, more durable appliance.

How do I soak my LG washing machine?

How do I soak my LG front loader?Place soiled clothes into the front-load washer and shut the door tightly.Add one-eighth to one-quarter cup of detergent to the drawer or panel at the top of the washer.Program the machine for the water temperature, load size and type of load.Push the button to start the machine.

What is gentle cycle on LG washing machine?

Sometimes called “Hand Wash”, this cycle is used for any items labeled as “hand washable”. It can also be sued for wool clothing that is labeled “machine washable”. The delicates cycle works best for dress Shirts/blouses, nylons, sheer or lacy garments (less than 8 lbs.)

What is LG download cycle?

LG’s Tag On cycle download allows you to download cycles to your washer or dryer for later use. The cycle will be available at the download cycle position on the control panel until another cycle is downloaded. Note: Make sure that NFC is enabled on your smartphone.

What is a download cycle?

The download cycle option allows for an android or similar phone with NFC features (but not an Apple iPhone) to download other cycle options.

What is SmartThinQ?

LG ThinQ (pronounced as “think-cue”; sometimes known as LG SmartThinQ) is a brand launched by LG Electronics in 2017, featuring products that are equipped with voice control and artificial intelligence technology. In Febru, LG announced the LG V30S ThinQ, which is the first phone to have the “ThinQ” branding.

What does ThinQ mean?

meant to be pronounced as “think