Does Home Depot deliver and install microwaves?

Does Home Depot deliver and install microwaves?

The Home Depot offers installation services for both over the range microwaves, washer and dryers. We charge a fee for the installation of the over the range microwaves; however this fee includes the haul away of the old unit.

How much does Home Depot charge to haul away appliances?

A $59 delivery fee applies to any major appliance purchases below $396. Haul away of old appliances at additional charge.

What does Home Depot charge to install a microwave?

Home Depot charges $79 to install a dishwasher or OTR microwave, $19.99 to install a gas range or dryer. They charge nothing to install a refrigerator that comes with an factory-installed icemaker, an electric range, or an electric dryer.

Does Home Depot sell damaged appliances?

Any Major Appliance product damage must be reported within 48 hours of delivery by calling 1- After 48 hours, any product issues must be handled through your local The Home Depot store’s Special Services Desk. Be sure to bring a copy of your sales receipt with you.

Should you buy floor model appliances?

According to Hamm, buying a floor model after it’s been on display can be a great deal, as long as you make sure it works properly. Floor models give you a great idea of how something works, but they can also provide a great discount for you if you’re shopping at the right time.

Is it bad to buy a floor model TV?

The downside of a floor-model is that they are typically on all day, every day until sold. Although LCD and Plasma display screen technology has come a long way, long-term use of the machines will wear down the quality of the display.

Can you buy display items at Walmart?

Mostly because when Walmart opens a box for display purposes ( as other retailers do ) that item can not be sold as new anymore . Walmart does not have a used or open box retail sales department , they are not in that business .