Can you put sink waste into rainwater drain?

Can you put sink waste into rainwater drain?

In most cases connecting and waste pipe to rainwater basically means you run a good chance of watering your garden with soap, shampoo and anything else that happens in a shower cubilcle. Not a good idea. You cannot just put any old amount of rainwater into the drainage system because it may not be able to cope.

Who is responsible for rainwater drains on my property?

Sewers and lateral drains connected to the public network used to be the responsibility of the property owner. However, most are now maintained by local water companies. If you have any problems with your sewer or lateral drain, for example if it’s blocked, contact your local water company.

Should a downpipe go into a drain?

This is a method used by some building contractors to transfer surface water into the garden. However, we do not recommend you connect a downpipe to one of these drains unless it is well away from your home. This will require the installation of underground pipes.

Do sinks and toilets drain to the same place?

In the US, with modern regulations, in most municipalities, yes, they do. The water and solids from your toilet waste line and the water from your drains end up in the same sewer line, if you have access to a municipal sewer system.