Can you connect hot water to a washing machine?

Can you connect hot water to a washing machine?

1. We do not recommend connecting washing machines to a hot water line. Technically, the inlet valves of our machines are designed for water up to 65C, but the washing programs do not always use hot water, and the water used for washing can not be cooled down again.

How do I reset my Fisher Paykel washing machine?

Is there a reset button on a Fisher and Paykel washing machine? Turn the dial to select ‘Spin’. Touch and hold the ‘Delay Start’ ‘More’ , the ‘Delay Start’ ‘Less’ and ‘Options’ buttons together for 3 seconds will appear on the screen and the machine will beep. Your washer will now be reset to the default settings.

What does no tAP mean on Fisher and Paykel washing machine?

I am not getting any

Why is my front load washer so loud?

When your front-loading Whirlpool washer makes loud noise when spinning, the first thing to check is the drive pulley. If you find your washer not spinning, the belt may be broken. If the drive pulley is at fault and you find your washer making loud noise during spin cycle, the pulley needs to be replaced.

How long do front load washers last?

about 14 years